Specializing in Helicopter Structural Repairs

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Calgary, Alberta T3Z 3S8

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Specializing in Helicopter Structural Repairs
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A specialized Transport Canada (AMO 100-94) approved, helicopter structural repair facility, incorporated in 1986, located at the Springbank Airport in Calgary, Alberta.

Owned and managed by Helge Kirmse, has 35 years of aircraft structural repair experience; permanent full-time trained staff of 7 S licensed engineers.

Custom designed 7,000 sq. ft. helicopter hanger built in 2002, to accommodate several medium sized machines; landing pad for easy access.
(please click here to view our hanger)

Bell Customer Service Facility with certified fuselage fixtures for Bell 205A, 206 A/B/L, 212, 412 and certified tailboom fixtures for Bell 204B, 205 A-1, 206 A/B/L, 212, 412

Extensive experience in major and minor structural repairs, including, but not limited to:
     - Complete overhauls of medium Bell tailbooms & fuselages
     - Bell trained to carry out cold expansion of pylon spar holes
     - Complete crash rebuilds
     - Replacement of honeycomb panels
     - Structural support for 3000hr inspection on Bell 212   
- Hot dimpling capabilities in house
     - Medium Bell Tailboom alignment tooling with Bell Helicopter trained technicians available

STC from Transport Canada and Federal Aviation Administration for enlarged vertical reference window for A-Star Model helicopters

Reciprocal agreements with other AMO's to cover services, not approved for at this time.

Controlled Goods Program Registration# 22640.

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